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Direct Deposit

Convenience…that’s what it’s all about!

Are you tired of standing in line on payday, wasting lunch hours driving in mid-day traffic, losing valuable work time bringing your paycheck to the credit union? There is an easier, safer, and more convenient way: direct deposit.

Most companies now offer direct deposit of your paychecks. As a matter of fact, many companies require this. Check with your employer to see if this option is available to you. To obtain a copy of the direct deposit form, stop in or call any one of our office locations.

You decide what amounts go to which Wheatland FCU accounts. You know when your money will be here (in most cases companies send the direct deposit the same day checks are handed out or earlier). Best of all you don’t have to do a thing…so go ahead, actually eat your lunch, relax, head home to your family—it’s your choice!

Wheatland FCU routing number is 231-381-857

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