Lobbies of both the Centerville and Elizabethtown offices will be closed until further notice. Drive-ups at the Centerville office will remain open regular hours.


Payroll Deduction

You have better things to do, even though we love to see you!

You have better things to do than drive in mid-day or afternoon rush traffic and stand in line at the credit union to make your deposits on payday.

With payroll deduction, you can elect to have a portion of your payroll automatically deposited every payday into your Wheatland FCU account or accounts. We have over 150 member companies in Lancaster County who offer this service. These days, almost all employers offer an option to automatically handle your pay. Check with your employer today.

You choose how much goes where, and you know when the deposits will be made (we credit them the same day they are received from your company, so ask your employer what day that is), and the best part of it all is that you don’t have to do a thing each payday. So go ahead and actually eat your lunch, avoid the traffic, and get home in time to enjoy the rest of your day. We’ll miss you, but we understand!

Wheatland FCU routing number 231-381-857

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